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SOLVED 19472

I don’t know how to handle this Business question and need guidance.

Please, to help me to write a 2 pages report base on “Commonwealth Joe Coffee Roasters case”; YOU only need to focus on part of the “Main Problem” they were facing!!!
For “Main problem”, YOU should write “Commonwealth Joe’s does not have enough managers to focus on 2 sales channels (Retail & Wholesale). Or, YOU can write “Commonwealth Joe Coffee roasters” must limit to only one selling tactic due to the arrival of new competition and operating challenges faced upon them.
Based on the Main problem I state, to extend the content of this “Main problem”report~ You do not need to write any solutions, YOU only need to focus on the “Main Problem” they facing.
Lastly, Please read the Case below first!!! After reading the Case I provided, then you can start to think and write~
You do not need to Use outside sources, don’t quote anything from outside sources. Only focus on the Case I provided.


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