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Global Business Opportunities
Potential foreign business opportunities may be viewed in two major categories:

Various country factors create international business opportunities. These include:

Natural resources, agricultural products, or geographic factors (climate or terrain)
Level of economic development and infrastructure
Cultural characteristics, social activities, or demographic trends
Changing political situations or legal factors
Technology that may enhance production or distribution of an item

Existing companies attempting to expand into new markets around the world—List several possible global business opportunities that would be the basis for new or expanding international business operations. These business opportunities may be consumer goods or services; or organizational goods and services, sold to businesses, government agencies, nonprofit organizations, schools, hospitals, hotels, or other organizations.

Examples of global business opportunities include: processing of fresh fruit in Chile for distribution around the world; sale of water filtration systems in developing economies; sale of food products adapted to the tastes of different cultures; development of cellular telephone systems in countries with a weak communication infrastructure; and expansion of fast-food restaurants into countries with expanding economies.
Conduct Research
You are going to choose a Country that you want to bring a business opportunity to. The business opportunity can already exist but not be in the chosen country. Or, it can be an extremely underutilized opportunity (for example, a country that has one large retail store and could benefit from another one or has one furniture manufacturer and could benefit from another since it has an overabundance of timber, etc.).
Discuss one of the global business opportunities that you thought of in terms of:
(a)a specific product or service, including customer benefits; and
(b)a potential market—a country that would be appropriate for this business opportunity.
Analyze for the presence of an absolute or comparative advantage that might be related to a business opportunity in the country where the item will be produced or sold. Describe how this analysis might influence the success of your proposed business idea. (For example, the availability of natural resources can make a business opportunity cost efficient.)
Consider your chosen business opportunity based on factors such as foreign market potential, start-up costs, and foreign business risks. (For example, a proposal to construct new highways may be appropriate for a developing economy. However, the risks in this market are probably greater than in an industrialized nation.)

Times New Roman, 12 point font, APA format, Double space, 3-4 pages.


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