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Wk 2:

Assignment Content

You are the new IT Project Manager for the organization you chose in Week 1, and the CFO is needing a risk assessment for migrating from SQL Server 2008 r2® database to SQL Server 2016. The migration will lead to the expansion of the Cloud Datacenters worldwide.The CIO feels the risk is too high and wants you to develop an Information Guide Handout and Risk Information Sheet for upper management to describe the risks and management of the risks for the impending migration.Part A:
Create a 1- page Information Guide Handout to present to upper management comparing risk management practices to use in the migration that includes:

How risk mitigation strategy planning can reduce the likelihood and/or impact of risks
How often risks will be reviewed, the process for review, and who will be involved
The roles and responsibilities for risk management
Adequate references to support your findings, information, and opinions
A recommendation for the best risk management practice for this migration

Part B:Using the sample shown below,
create a 4- to 5- page Microsoft® Excel® Risk Information Sheet for at least five potential risks which might be encountered during the conversion. At least three of the five risks you choose should be project-management related.
Risk Information
Sheet Risk DescriptionProbabilityImpactRationaleRisk Mitigation

note the following:

The risk description should fully describe the risk.
The probability is the likelihood which the risk will occur (i.e., low, medium, or high).
The impact is how the organization will be affected if the risk does occur (i.e., low, medium, or high).
The rationale should explain the reasons for your probability and impact assessments.
The mitigation strategy should explain how each risk will be addressed.
There should be one risk information sheet for each risk identified.

Include APA-formatted citations when necessary.


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