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SOLVED 19448

I’m working on a Writing exercise and need support.

Refer to page 53 in your books (Joining Academic Conversations) for additional explanation. But the basics are as follows:
Just as you did in English 101, this assignment asks you to produce a polished portfolio of all your major project work up to this point in the semester. Based on my feedback, make revisions to your Annotated Bib., Source Evaluation, and Proposal to make them as clear and effective as possible. The page length will vary based on the quality and depth of your work.
In addition to revising the work you’ve already done, this assignment also asks that you write a brief, mid-semester reflection on your work and development as a writer/researcher/rhetorician/student in the class so far. This reflective writing should be in MLA format, directed towards me as your audience, and be no more than 2 pages (500 words).
I will read through your portfolios in addition to considering your participation, writing exercise grades, and other elements of your performance in class, and give you a Midterm-Progress grade accordingly. (Note: this is just a progress grade and does not count towards your Final grade, but is merely a reflection of where you stand in the class at this point in the semester.)
When you turn it in, organize it like this:
Cover page (Portfolio Title, Your Name, Student Email, Date)Midterm ReflectionProposalSource EvaluationAnnotated Bibliography
Each assignment should start on its own page (don’t bleed them together)MLA format, 12 pt. font., double-spaced


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