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For this final Portfolio Project, you will apply what you have learned throughout HRM460. Think about something that bothers,concerns, or needs to be improved in your current workplace. Based upon this information, please do the following:

Provide a detailed overview of your organization (i.e., you must include information, in your own words, about your organization’s mission, vision, values, and strategy).
Explain information about your organization’s industry and the projected forecast for your industry.
Explain how the information presented about your organization may impact the change effort.
Provide details about the organizational issue/area that needs improvement. Justify why you believe that the issue/area identified needs further attention.
Explain what levels of the organization this issue impacts (e.g., micro, meso, or macro levels).
Identify at least one OD model to utilize based upon your diagnosis. Explain the benefits of utilizing this model.
Detail how addressing and correcting this issue may enhance employee satisfaction, motivation, etc.
Provide an overview of how this issue should be addressed (listing steps and processes) and how this needed change will be communicated.
Justify who should be involved in this change effort.

Written Paper

Write a 12-page paper not including the title and reference pages, which are required.
Your paper must be properly cited and formatted according to the CSU-Global Guide to Writing & APA (Links to an external site.).
Include a formal references page. This is an individual paper; however, you should reflect on our discussion forums and incorporate ideas from there, as appropriate.
You must support your analysis with at least five scholarly references, and you can include resources from this course.
The CSU-Global Library (Links to an external site.) is a good place to find these sources. You cannot use Wikipedia or any CSU-Global assignment. For this assignment, a credible source is defined as:

A scholarly or peer-reviewed journal article.
A government-based website or publication.
A trade or industry journal article, publication, or website, including those from trade organizations such as and


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