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SOLVED 11212

ASSIGNMENT INSTRUCTIONSImagine you are an economic consultant charged with an economic development project proposal. Completeeach part of the assignment to research and discuss the factors that lead to and/or restrict economicdevelopment, and then develop a project, policy, ministry, or business plan that, if implemented, may improvethe economic growth within a specific region or city. Start by selecting a region or city. Then begin the processof researching the region and identifying the key factors that have negatively impacted or hindered theregion’s economic development.• The project should address key economic development factors and provide a means of improving thequality of life for the citizens of the selected region.• Your analysis should include the evaluation of a minimum of four macroeconomic indicators for a cityor county in the US.o Examples of macroeconomic indicators are GDP, employment indicators (labor market,unemployment, wages), consumer price index, the producer price index, retail sales, trade,interest rates.

PART 1 – INTRODUCTION AND CITY/COUNTY EVALUATIONResearch the economic situation of a city or county of your choice by addressing the following:

Background of the city or county, including:• City/county population size,• GDP size and GDP growth pattern• unemployment rates• major industry(ies)• main tradable industry or commodity• government budget size.Description of four macroeconomic indicatorsThe status of the city or county’s condition for each macroeconomic indicatorThe major challenges (economic, financial, social) facing your selected city or county.The city or county’s major economic and financial strengthsASSIGNMENT REQUIREMENTS• Selects of city or county• Describes of city or county background• Selects and description of macroeconomic indicators• Describes the major economic, financial, and social challenges facing selected city or county• Describes the city or county’s major economic and financial strengths


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