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SOLVED 11210

Write an Argumentative essay with 1800 words in Harvard referencing style.

Question: You will answer the question by identifying a core marketing concept (customer engagement) and arguing taking only 1 position of whether it has evolved or been revolutionised by digital technologies. Substantiate your answer by analysing one case study of your choice (company that has engaged in some kind of new digital marketing customer engagement technique, i.e. virtual reality experiences).

Your case study must be a specific and current example of a digital marketing phenomenon, documented either in the trade press, national press, or with primary materials (images to be embedded in the essay and captioned, or added to an appendix). Case study: company that has engaged in some kind of new digital marketing customer engagement technique. i.e. virtual reality experiences.

Customer experience in a virtual reality is just an evolution of that previous core marketing concept of customer engagement or whether it represents a revolution in marketing practice, whether it’s completely new, represents something very different to what happened before. i.e. company that has VR experience for the product.

Go through the perspectives that other academic have argued. This essay must be grounded in academic literature. Demonstrate that you understand how a core concept in marketing practice has been applied to a digital context, and evaluate how it has changed from its pre-digital origins.


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