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SOLVED 11196

Field Trip Report Content: Select a modern building in Bay Area, get your instructor’s approval, and include the following in your report:The report is to be brief, concise, and typewritten or neatly printed (not longhand). The first part of the report is to contain a brief summary of factual information in outline format (.e.g., date constructed, designer, size, construction type). The type of factual data will vary with each project.

Some research will be required. The second part of the report is to be your personal evaluation of the project explaining why you think it is or is not successful project. Specific aspects of the design should be cited to support your evaluation. Photographs you take and/or sketches to help explain your report are recommended.

Particular aspects you may want to discuss include: What is the designers intent? How is the design influenced by the site, program, and other factors? How well is the design implemented, apart from the idea? What are the formal characteristics of the design? How does the design organize space? What is the design about or what does it communicate or mean? You should report on the interior and exterior of the environment whenever possible.


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