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SOLVED 11177

Your assignment is to read Exercise 10-1 Attacking Gangs in a Big City on page 138 in your text. After you have read the scenario, choose one of the roles below and present your potential solutions to the gang problem in your initial post. Then, in your two comments to peers, you will discuss the proposed solutions from a decision- or policy-making perspective.

Read Exercise 10-1 Attacking Gangs in a Big City on page 138 in your text.Choose ONE of the roles below and think about how this particular community leader or stakeholder might think about proposed solutions for the situation at hand:Mayor of Big CityBig City Department of Public Health DirectorBig City Police ChiefBig City Superintendent of SchoolsPresident of the concerned parent groupPastor of Big City ChurchDirector of Big City YMCABig City resident who witnessed a gang shooting in front of his/her homeBig City resident who is a victim of a gang shooting incident. This young man, aged 24 has become an advocate for gun safety and gun restriction as, during the shooting incident, he suffered an injury that left him paralyzed from the waist down. He now uses a wheelchair for mobility.


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