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SOLVED 11152

Context: Strategic planning is a task all leaders must perform. It is often easier to see what others have done to draw on their experience. This assignment will allow you to review three plans that you have researched.

General Requirements:

1) Use the template titled “K-12StrategicPlanComparisonMatrix.” (see attached).

2) This assignment uses a rubric. Please review the rubric prior to beginning the assignment to become familiar with the expectations for successful completion. (see attached)

3) This assignment requires that at least two additional scholarly research sources related to this topic, and at least one in-text citation from each source be included.

Directions: Complete the “K-12 Strategic Plan Matrix.” template.

Compare three K-12 strategic plans. In your comparison, refer to the following categories:

a) Mission, vision, and goals

b) Internal and external stakeholders

c) Facilities

d) Professional development Write a synthesis (1,000 words) of your matrix findings. Include the following:

a) How were the internal and external stakeholder relationships considered in the plans?

b) What are the most significant elements of governance and structure that were evident in all of the plans?

c) How do these plans support continuous school improvement and sustainable change?

d) How will the knowledge gathered in this assignment be used in your future?


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