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SOLVED 11139

This assignment has been adapted to adhere to the current guidance from the CDC for social distancing because of the COVID-19 pandemic. For this assignment, you will choose a virtual cultural venue from the instructions below to visit online and write a short 500-800 word report about your visit. Purpose
The purpose of this assignment is to introduce you to the process of engaging with the cultural venues and communities. This will inform you personally of the Humanities and groups that support it. Skills This assignment will help you practice the following skills that will be useful to you in your professional and personal life beyond school. Identify cultural venues and inform you with deeper knowledge about the cultural form chosen.
Organize reflections about engaging with a cultural experience and community Use concepts and skills learned in class to describe and interpret cultural experiences and communities Use appropriate and proper grammar, organization, and academic-style formatting in order to communicate Knowledge This assignment will help you become familiar with the following important content knowledge in the Humanities.
Available virtual cultural venues and communities Methods of interpretation within the Humanities Instructions For your report, choose one virtual venue from this pre-approved list that most interests you, or contact your professor for approval of your own online choice. If your choice below has both a website and a video, make sure you examine both.
If you need special accommodations to complete this assignment, please inform your instructor and contact the Accessibility Accommodations office for guidance. Please watch the entire performance or thoroughly explore the venue you choose. THEATER PLAY Shakespeare First Encounter: King Lear (adapted for children)


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