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SOLVED 11126

Paper details You should have read the short story titled “” by O. Henry. If you have not done that, open the attached file and read the story. You will submit your reading response based on this short story.
Your summary should consist of two paragraphs. In the first paragraph, summarize the story using your own words. Include information about about the setting, the characters, and the main events in the story. In the second paragraph, talk about your reaction(s) to the story. This sections should answer questions like the following:
What did you think about the story? What point do you think the writer was making? What were some interesting things about the story? Questions to Consider: What do you think is the definition of a “meaningful gift”? What is your own philosophy of giving and receiving gifts? Why is dramatic irony so appealing to readers/viewers? (DO NOT include the questions in your response. Use them to help you think critically about the text and organize your thoughts.)


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