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SOLVED 11122

Paper details For this assignment, we’re going to be focusing on public corruption and an ongoing case involving the U.S. Navy, United States v. Leonard Glenn Francis. Listen to the July 17, 2019, episode of the Bribe, Swindle or Steal podcast, Corruption in the US 7th Fleet (43 minutes).
The interviews in this episode provide an excellent overview of the “Fat Leonard” scandal that has exposed rampant corruption in military contracting in the Navy’s Pacific fleet. The government has filed criminal charges against more than 30 individuals and an additional 480 active-duty or retired personnel were investigated, including about 60 current and former admirals.
Many of the military officers were disciplined after military trials or through adverse personnel actions. The episode is available at the podcast website, or on iTunes and Spotify. After listening to the given podcast, address two of the questions below.
Questions – 1. In addition to the financial harm to the military, the bribery allegations against Francis and dozens of military personnel create other risks. What are those risks and how does that harm the Navy? 2. How did the Navy treat the whistleblowers in this case? What should have been done? How can the Navy repair the culture to prevent the neglect of misconduct reports?


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