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SOLVED 11116

Read Coming of Age in Mississippi. Be sure to mark important passages in the book (if it’s your book) or takenotes. On the final, there will also be questions from the book. Then write a 2-3 page paper (typed, doublespaced) on the following topic. Be sure to use material–stories, observations, brief quotations–from the book toback-up the points that you make.How does Anne Moody describe life for a young African American woman growing up in the world of segregation?How does she feel about her life under segregation? Your paper should have a specific argument (or interpretation) about both the nature of the system of segregation as well as her view of it. In developing yourargument, pick a few (three or four) points that she makes to develop your paper.

Do not just refer to the stories but analyze them to explain what they show. People who reads your paper should understand the AfricanAmerican experience of segregation better than they had before.


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