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SOLVED 11115

Assignment BriefYou have been allocated a company from the FTSE 350 list as at 4th June 2020. The allocation list is available in the AC1006 Blackboard space in the Assignments folder, together with a copy of this Assignment brief. You are not permitted to select a different company to analyze.You are required to:a) Identify what market(s) your company operates in and which market structure it most resembles (Perfect Competition, Monopolistic Competition, Oligopoly, Monopoly) and why. Only discuss one of these theoretical markets. (10 marks)b) Explain the key factors that affect quantities demanded in one of those markets. (5 marks)c) For one of their most significant customers, evaluate the factors that would affect their price elasticity and conclude whether you think demand is price elastic or inelastic in this market. (5 marks)d) Prepare a table showing the company’s share price on a monthly basis over the past 3 years. Compare the share price changes with the company’sreported annual profits over the same period, identifying any correlationbetween the two figures. (5 marks)e) Using this analysis suggest some microeconomic and macroeconomic factors that could potentially have affected the share price and profits. (10 marks)On the next page there is a summary of some of the UK Government’s key economic policies introduced to combat the impact of the Covid-19 pandemic.You are required to:f) Select 3 UK policies from this list, or any other key policies of your choice. For your chosen 3 policies:i. briefly explain the purpose of the policy and how it has assisted, or mayassist, the UK economy. (10 marks)ii. evaluate the potential impact on your allocated company’s performanceand market sector overall (10 marks)iii. suggest an alternative policy that you think could have been more effective from an economic perspective.


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