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SOLVED 11106

Complete a research paper on homeschooling vs schooling: is one better than the other? Attached is a bibliography with some references.

Recommended Structure for report:Title pageAbstractIntroduction (Situational Analysis) NOTE: This is good section to pull from credible sources to support your statements with facts, stats and studiesStrong openingStatement of the problem / subjectSignificance of the issue (and historical background / business history / market info)Purpose of report / Solution statement (what you plan to achieve)Scope (what will your report cover and what it won?t cover)Methods and FindingsWhat methods did you use to gather information? (peer-reviewed journals, news reports, graphs, tables, etc.)What research, studies, findings, etc. have you found to support your claims/idea?Conclusions and RecommendationsSummarize what you learned from the reportRecommend potential courses of action and expected benefitsBibliography (References)


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