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SOLVED 11085

Introductory ParagraphThesis: The bioremediation of oil spills is currently the most advantageous method of managing oil spills because of it is environmentally friendly, it can be implemented in situ, it is less costly than other methods, and because of its ease of use.  Bioremediation defined (Speight and Arjoon, 2012)Outline of contentsAdvantages of bioremediation as a method of managing oil spillsEnvironmental advantagesNon-use of chemicalsNo disruption of natural habitatNatural organisms degrade hydrocarbonsIn situ operationsEase of useCheaper to implementExamples of effects of bioremediation on oil spillsExxon-ValdezBP-Deepwater HorizonDiscussion assessment on impact of bioremediation on oil spills


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