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SOLVED 11081

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Writer your task is to follow the instructions:
Students are required to imagine/conceive of a unique and original strategy for using pleasure as a foundation for social activism. should utilize at least two sources from course readings to support their ideas. This is a 3 page final paper assignment. Students are asked to present arguments for their strategy and to support this argument with evidence and support from at least 3 sources in our text, Pleasure Activism. A rubric for critical/argumentative writing will be used to assess and grade this assignment. Additionally, a resource for critical argumentative writing entitled They Say / I Say will be provided in a pdf version in order to assist students with their writing.
The argumentative format of this final paper should be as follows:
Paragraph 1 – Intro (They Say/I Say), Thesis
Paragraph 2 – Supporting Argument, Evidence (quote), Analysis
Paragraph 3 – Supporting Argument, Evidence (quote), Analysis
Paragraph 4 – Supporting Argument, Evidence (quote), Analysis
Paragraph 5 – Conclusion (consider the importance of your argument and its policy implications and consider any future study that should be undertaken in this area)


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