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SOLVED 11074

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You are required to research the during this semester. This is a very controversial topic, as NJ is facing the legalization vote in November. Each person will submit their own Power Point, which is created only by them. You are to select one position (pro or con) of the topic. You need to use scholarly, journal articles, Marijuana X Documentary.
You may add additional research, but it must be peer reviewed scholarly journal articles or the approved websites. This must be original work and can not be copied and pasted from websites, as this must be an original project created by you. It must be in APA Format, include citations and a reference page at the end. You do not want to present too much or too little information on the slides.
You can use graphs/charts, but they must be primary sources, which means you need to take them from the original place they were published and not in another article or on a different website. These also need to be cited.
Each power point must include:
Title Page
Opening Statement on your positions (pro or con)
Scholarly Research – Supporting your position of WHY it should or should not be legalized
Minimum of 10 slides of research – not including graphs/charts


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