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SOLVED 11063

OverviewYou will select 3 unique crisis situations involving sport organizations and/or athletes associated with a sport organization.DetailsThe crisis situations must have occurred at least 12 months prior to the start of the course (i.e. no crisis situation can be utilized that has occurred within the last calendar year). After selecting 3 crisis situations, you must provide a thorough background/explanation of each situation, identify key PR elements, outline what the organization’s posture and response was, assess the appropriateness and effectiveness of the response postures taken, and make recommendations on improved response techniques for similar situations in the future.In total, the response analysis must be no fewer than 6 pages (at least 2 for each selected crisis situation). The document must be in current APA format and contain a Title Page and Reference Page (neither of which count towards the 6 page minimum). An Abstract is not required.


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