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SOLVED 11056

SUMMARY: Your final assignment is to develop an “op-ed” (Opinion-Editorial) on a topic related to mental health, mental illness, or mental healthcare that interests or impassions you. Your goal is to craft an original argument, drawing from course material and outside research. It should present facts that outline a problem, as well as potential solutions to the stated problem. There are a variety of resources on the internet to help people plan and write a successful op-ed.

What is an OP-ED? Op-Ed, short for Opposite the Editorial, is a newspaper (or online) opinion piece from contributors not affiliated with the editorial board. The purpose of an Op-Ed is to sway public opinion and change minds using convincing argument and presenting it in a concise, readable way.

Choosing a Topic: Think of a topic that interests you (related to mental health, illness or healthcare). You can form a thesis based on a topic that we’ve covered in class, or on your previous interests, on which theories from this class can shed light

Instructions: Students will develop an 8-10 minute informative and persuasive presentation regarding their Op-Ed topic. Presentations should include a title slide, a “lede”, your argument, background information, 2-3 points that support your argument (evidence), and conclusions


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