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SOLVED 11019

The scope of writing of each paragraph is as follows:

First paragraph: Self-introduction:

• Write about yourself: your name, the country/state you are from; your birthday; your age; place you live; descriptions of your physical appearances and personality; your favorite season/s; time you get up and go to sleep during the week and on weekends, what you like to do on your free time; person/s you like to go out with, place/s that you and your friends go out together, and activities you all do in the place/s.

Second paragraph: Family:

• Write about your immediate family: the number of the people in your family (including you); their names; their relationships to you; Their age; descriptions of their physical appearances and personality; place they live; their activities during the week and on weekend; when do you plan to see them (any of them or all of them); the length of time you are going to spend with them and activities you are going to do together.

Third paragraph: University:

• Write about your university: the name of your university; the university location (city/state); descriptions of the university; the name and descriptions of the library; the descriptions of the university cafeteria; the length of time you have studied at the university; How many classes and what days you take classes this semester; the time you normally arrive at the university on the days you have class; the time your first class starts each day; when do you go home after class; your favorite class /es and your favorite professor/s and their descriptions.

Last paragraph: Cultural acquisition:

• Write about what the cultural aspects you have acquired during the semester: name the oldest university in Spain and the year it is from; provide the reason why many students in Spanish-speaking world do not need to work to pay for their education in public universities; discuss how young people of Spanish-speaking world spend their past time; approximately how many heritage speakers of Spanish are in the US and predominantly they are from what country and what percentage; name a person/people from Spanish-speaking country that you admire, discuss what he/she does, where he/she is from, and why you pick him/her.


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