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Paper details This is a two-part essay.  Intro Instructions/Sample: In “Ten Arguments to Delete your Social Media Accounts Right Now,” author Jaron Lanier relies on (Ethos, Pathos and Logos – can be one or all) to explain the perils of social media. Lanier is responding to (add the audience for this letter) and believes his response is justified because (insert primary argument here). To help (choose one or use another descriptive term) explain, or substantiate, or illustrate, his claim, Lanier relies on (insert secondary arguments here).
Rhetoric Instructions: For this assignment, you are asked to describe how Jaron Lanier develops his argument in the excerpt from, “Ten Arguments for Deleting your Social Media Now.” The description should isolate the writer’s primary argument, as well as identify the secondary claims that support or elaborate it. In your description, you should identify the types of evidence that the writer uses to justify his or her claims and pay particular attention to the grammatical delivery of such evidence. A successful argument description will not need to evaluate the viability of the writer’s claims, nor should you attempt to draw implications from the reading. Additionally, you should research one other notable protest from which you draw a sentence or two for comparison and contrast in your opening paragraph. How do these protests resemble one another? How are they dissimilar?


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