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SOLVED 10960

Paper details The -a proposal is a written document to persuade members of an organization that what is being proposed will benefit them or society by solving a problem or fulfilling a need. 1. Sufficient background information to describe the extent of the problem is needed. 2. The methods or approaches to be used in achieving the proposed solution needed 3. Information and costs. about materials and staff required. Four Types of s : Internal proposal-within an organization. External-outside of an organization. Solicited -requested proposal. Unsolicited-not requested. RFP Request For -details a company’s requirement for a proposal. IFB Information For A Bid -strictly defines the specifications for an organization Reasons For Doing A
1. Solution to a problem. 2. Advancement at work. 3. Make improvements. 4. Find new ideas. Assignment – Due last week of class. Topic : How to Solve Hunger or Homelessness in a part of New York, the USA or some country you may be connected to. Format 1-3 pages Letter Format. Addressed to The Robin Hood Foundation. Look Up Programs that exist. You may do a program like their program. 1. Background- W why is this proposal necessary. ( 1 page } There are many homeless and hungry people. 2.Proposed Program . Tell what type of program The program could be a business like the Greystone Bakery that we read about.
You could open a Homeless Shelter or a Soup Kitchen like POTS Part Of The Solution. (1 page) 3.Budget -Estimate what you think it would cost to run your program (1 page) Write a proposal of How to Solve Hunger or Homelessness.Due the last week of class. Greystone Bakery in Yonkers and The Doe Fund hire the homeless and people recently released from jail. These two companies are examples of how to help the homeless and poor.


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