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SOLVED 10933

TitleExploring predictors of Workplace Happiness and Well-Being for Working Adults in Singapore and UK

Abstract (150 words)Writer to provide, based on Title

IntroductionWriter to provide Introduction related to predictors that contribute to ?Workplace Happiness and Well-Being for Working Adults?

Literature Review **Writer to provide literature reviews, based on Workplace Happiness and Well-being, using the following scales– Job Satisfaction Scale (JSS),– Utrecht Work Engagement Scale (UWES),– Psychological Capital Questionnaire (PsyCap PCQ),– PERMA (Positive Emotion, Engagement, Relationship, Meaning, Accomplishment) and– Subjective Happiness Scale (SHS)Aims of StudyExplore the predictors of workplace happiness and find the connection between Subjective happiness, job satisfaction, Work Engagement, PsyCap and PERMA.

Predictions / Hypotheses? Employees? with higher job satisfaction, will show higher levels of happiness and well-being compared to employees? with lower levels of job satisfaction.

? Employees? with higher work engagement, will show higher levels of happiness and well-being compared to employees? with lower levels of work engagementPlease advise hypotheses.

Methodology **Writer to ProvideSample Method ? Convenient samplingRecruitments are done via Social Media, WhatsApp and University Module Thread.Using Qualtrics for Questionnaires, sent out via social media, WhatsApp, emailData CollectionRecruitment using Whatsapp and Email, please write up

Write up of the following scales (Reliability, usage, method)Writer to Provide1) PERMA (Positive Emotions, Engagement, Relationship, Meaning, Accomplishment)2) PsyCap (PCQ) ? Efficacy / Confidence, Hope, Resiliency, Optimism3) UWES ? Work Engagement4) Job Satisfaction Survey (JSS)5) Subjective Happiness Survey (SHS)

Data AnalysisUsing SPSS, Cross Sectional Multiple regression,please write upDependent Variables (DVs) = Job Satisfaction / Work Engagement (Interchangeable?Independent Variables (IVs) = Job satisfaction (JSS), Utrecht Work Engagement Scale (UWES)??? PsyCap, PERMA, Subjective Happiness (SHS)???? Interchangeable

Results SectionsWriter to ProvidePlease write up based on SPSS Result / data

Discussion SectionWriter to ProvidePlease write up based on SPSS Results / data

ReferencesAs many as possible, relevant to above research


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