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SOLVED 10903

1. What was Nadella?s diagnosis of the problems at Microsoft?a. What were the biggest challenges he faced when he took charge?b. Which of Lencioni?s 5 areas of dysfunction in teams were most present at Microsoft?c. What goals did Nadella set for transforming the organization?2. In thinking about Nadella?s style and the steps he took as a change leader, address the following:a. Drawing on Daniel Goleman?s ?Leadership that Gets Results? (from Week 3), which styles ofleadership most closely match Nadella?s demonstrated behaviors? Explain.b. Which of Jack?s ?8 Rules of Leadership? are most evident in Nadella?s initiatives? Explainusing specific examples from the case to support your response.c. In terms of company culture, how did Nadella change specific systems and processes toimprove teamwork?d. Nadella frequently uses the term ?growth mindset.? What does this mean, and how did hefoster it?3. How effective have Nadella?s efforts been? In particular:a. What metrics should be used to evaluate the success of his efforts? Why?a. What else could Nadella and his team do to sustain the wins they have achieved so far?b. What additional challenges do you expect he will face?


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