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SOLVED 10898

Paper details The essay should focus on how laws and the justice system guarantee that such societies and the current world order do not change. About the general theories of the law, state violence and preserving social inequalities. How does the legal formalities and some of the contradictions involve within the society? The essay should answer to the questions such as: Why is it that, without such a social order (locally and globally), there would not be the type of justice system that currently exists?
Why and how is it that legal structures help maintain the way modern societies are organized? How is the relationship between criminalization, the [racialized and gendered] social control of poverty, and how modern societies are economically organized today? The legal formalities and some of the contradictions involved. The essay should answer to the questions by inserting how do the scholars in the attached documents argue towards these topics. Please refer to only the authors in the attached documents and make all the citations from the documents attached


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