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SOLVED 10894

Paper details Provide a project heading (either at the beginning of page 1 or as a separate title page) with the following: Your name Course number and section Date Include two sections, as follows:
Section 1: Business Scenario Devise a business scenario of your own choosing. It should describe some sort of business challenge to be resolved by executing a project. You might base it upon your own experience or interests. It should be something with which you have sufficient familiarity such that you can later identify the activities that will have to be performed to complete the project. The scenario should have sufficient depth so that the project will require a substantial number of activities requiring multiple resources with differing skill sets in order to complete it successfully.
Section 2: Project Proposal Propose a project to be defined (i.e., project objectives or requirements to be developed), planned, staffed, and executed, that will address the challenge(s) identified in your Business Scenario in Section 1.


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