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SOLVED 10880

Paper details SUMMARY Watch the following video to prepare for this assignment. How To Write A Thesis Statement [00:01:55] Note: Please review the previous students’ papers as these assignments are often a new approach for many. These sample papers will help guide your work. No paper is perfect, and not all of them met all requirements or were formatted properly, but the basic structure and content should give a better idea of what is expected. The students’ names have been redacted for privacy. Based on the selected topic, write a literature review, and develop the research question.
Use the works identified in Part 1 – Topic Selection/ Annotated Bibliography to write your literature review. If any works identified were not relevant to the potential research topic, conduct additional research to identify alternate works. You should have three scholarly works to write the literature review. Write a literature review that includes the following. Introduction of the literature review that identifies the topic and discusses the central themes or organizational patterns Refer to the media on Getting cozy with APA (opens in new window) and additional resources or writing style to structure your introduction. Summary of the sources, organized either chronologically, thematically, or methodologically.
Conclusion that Synthesizes research results of what is and is not known, clearly identifying the gap in the research Identifies areas of controversy in the literature Based on the research, formulates a question that needs further research. How does the research address part of the identified gap? Finding the Research Question (opens in new window) REQUIREMENTS Citation Requirements: minimum of 6 Word Count: 500-750 Plagiarism Submission


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