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Paper details Please use the following text book for this assignment: Classics of Organizational Behavior Fourth Edition by Walter E. Natemeyer and Paul Hersey. I don’t have an electronic copy of this textbook only a hard copy however the Natemeyer and Hersey reader is available on-line. Please write a review from section six of this book reviewing the article by Max Weber titled Bureaucracy. Organize your review in the following manner: Provide a title page identifying the article title, author and number. Introduce the subject of the review in a paragraph of 50-75 words. Prepare a 750 word review of the article.
Conclude the review with a statement of 50-75 words summarizing what you learned from the writer. All postings should meet acceptable standards of grammar and structure. Include a reference or bibliography page with citations in APA style. Cite the case being reviewed at least twice when explaining it. The use of other references is welcomed but not required.


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