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SOLVED 10865

Paper details Overview: Data visualization is one of the key factors that allow big data to unleash its true impact. To complete the second milestone, you must be able to determine a visualization strategy. You will determine what type of data visualization will create the most impact for three different audiences and determine the platform for delivery. Prompt: Scenario: You are working as a data scientist contracted to create visualizations for your state’s government. The state government has asked you to develop three specific data visualization solutions. Please note that you select any state available in the source data.
** The state budget office has asked for a PowerPoint presentation to be given regarding storm activity with the goal of establishing a monetary reserve and allocating stand-by emergency resources in areas where they are needed most within the state. ** You will use the recommended visualization tools to create visualization styles appropriate for the different audiences. Recommended tools include Tableau, Excel and Power BI You will discuss and design visuals, considering the recommended method of delivery for each audience. Critical Elements: To complete this assignment, your submission must address the following critical elements: II. Data Visualization Strategy A. For each audience, discuss the recommended platform/medium for delivery (e.g., PowerPoint, dashboard tool, publication), with careful consideration of each audience. B. Discuss the details of how you plan to use each platform in implementation. C. For each audience, evaluate the types of visual displays (plots) to be used and, if applicable, their order (e.g., for a PowerPoint presentation) and/or arrangement (e.g., for a dashboard display). ***Attached is the First Section. Follow paper flow***


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