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SOLVED 10864

Answer the following questions:

What are the main types of research, explain briefly about each. (5 points)What are the three ways to use literature in your research Project as per Creswell. (5 points)What is the purpose of writing a detailed literatura review.(10 points)List the Characteristics of quantitative research design. (5 points)List 5 advantages and 5 disadvantages of secondary data usage. (10 points)B. Read thoroughly the following case study and then answer the following questions: (5 points each) Should Benita be concerned about missing some of the dialogue in her transcript?If Benita wants to use participants’ photographs in her research project, what ethical issues does this raise and how should this be handled?Other than ethical issues, what other considerations should be given to including the participants’ images in reporting on this study?Was Benita’s decision to use focus groups, rather than interviews, appropriate?What are the advantages and disadvantages of using one-to-one interviews compared to the use of a focus group?. Read thoroughly the following case-study and then answer the following questions: (10 points / question)


What methods of data collection did Josef employ?How was Josef’s approach to a case study different from a conventional or orthodox approach?Will Josef be able to ‘generalize’ his findings to other credit unions? Does it matter whether he can or cannot do so?Did Josef apply for ethical approval for his study at the correct point and what should he have done when changing his research question?


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