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SOLVED 10857

Paper details For the Module 3 SLP, you are asked to administer the adapted Organizational Readiness to Change (Climate of Change) to someone you know who has experienced a significant workplace change. As you learned from the Background materials, one of the four factors that may be used to determine the potential success of a significant organizational change is the organization’s culture; that is, the organization’s culture must exist in a state that is ready for, and amenable to, significant change or organizational transformation.
For purposes of this SLP, you are free to administer the survey to someone who has experienced either a major (transformational) or minor organizational change. This adapted survey is intended to measure an organization’s readiness to change from the perspective of the organization’s culture. Download the survey: Organizational Change Questionnaire – Climate of Change – Adapted). Following the completion of the survey, respond to the following in a 3- to 4-page paper to include at least 2 scholarly sources from the Module 3 Required or Optional readings list: Identify the nature of the change: What was the change that the organization experienced?
Then, identify the change as a minor or major organizational change. Was the organizational change successful? In other words, does the interviewee believe that the organization achieved its stated purpose? Provide the total score and the level of readiness for organizational change. From the perspective of the organization’s culture, what does the interviewee believe was the single, most important characteristic of the organization’s culture that contributed to the success or failure of the change (e.g., open communication/poor communication, high level of trust/mistrust, etc.)? How does this identified characteristic compare with the general responses (and the total score) given by the interviewee? Conclude your SLP by commenting on the extent to which the interviewee’s organizational culture contributed to the success or failure of the change. How do the interviewee’s responses inform (or align with) the success or failure of the organizational change? SLP Assignment Expectations Your SLP should be 3–4 pages in length (not including Cover and References pages). Be sure to cite and reference a minimum of 2 scholarly sources from the Module 3 Required or Optional readings list using APA Style. Upload your paper to the SLP 3 Dropbox before the assignment due date.


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