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Paper details efore embarking on any professional or academic activity, it is important to understand the background, knowledge, and experience you bring to it. You might ask yourself, “What do I already know? What do I need to know? And what do I want to know?” This critical self-reflection is especially important for developing clinical skills, such as those for advanced practice nursing. The FNP Procedures List and Resource Review document, provided in the Learning Resources, can be used to celebrate your progress throughout your practicum and identify skills gaps. The list covers all necessary skills you should demonstrate during your three practicum courses. For this Assignment, you assess where you are now in your clinical skill development and make plans for your practicum. Specifically, you will identify strengths and opportunities for improvement regarding the required practicum skills and procedures. To prepare: Review the FNP Procedures List and Resource Review and the FNP Clinical Skills and Procedures Self-Assessment Form documents found in the Learning Resources for this week.
It is recommended that you print out these documents to serve as a guide throughout your practicum. Download the FNP Clinical Skills and Procedures Self-Assessment Form to complete this Assignment. Assignment Using the FNP Clinical Skills and Procedures Self-Assessment Form: Rate yourself according to your confidence level performing the procedures identified on the FNP Clinical Skills and Procedures Self-Assessment Form. Based on your ratings, summarize your strengths and opportunities for improvement. Based on your self-assessment and theory of nursing practice, develop 3–4 goals and objectives for this practicum experience. Include them on the designated area of the form.


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