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Paper details identify the correct clinical application(s) for each question using the following pharmacokinetic terms: “absorption,” “distribution,” “metabolism,” “excretion,” “half-life,” “steady-state.” Why is a Z -Pak® of 5 days an adequate treatment for pneumonia? Why does a patient starting on levothyroxine need to wait 4-6 weeks before repeating labs to check for therapeutic response to the drug? What are the implications for a patient on Tegretol® who is given a drug that is a CYP-450 inducer? What are the implications for a patient on Coumadin® who is given a drug that is a CYP-450 inhibitor? Does a drug’s route of administration matter? What are the implications for an 80-year-old individual with stage 4 chronic renal failure who needs to be prescribed an antibiotic for his pneumonia? Which pharmacokinetic property is the least familiar to you?


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