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SOLVED 10830

Paper details two papers one for excel, the other word(explanation).
In this project students are expected to prepare the forecasted balance sheet and income statement of the company Amazon. Aligning with this goal. For the selected company, last 5 year
(for example 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018) balance sheets and income statements will be downloaded. Forecasts, however, will be projected for last year only (that is 2018 in this example). Based on the information contained in financial statements, students will utilize two
different forecasting methods specified below, and they will compare the efficacy of each model in projecting the best forecast by comparing the forecasted data with the actual data.
Corresponding forecast methods are as follows:
• Percentage of Net Sales (will be used only with last year)
In order to project the forecast, students will calculate geometric average growth rate in Net sales which shall be used in the above given models.


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