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SOLVED 10822

Paper details This week, you learned about victimology, including victim characteristics; and you read about behaviors and environments that contribute to victimization. For your assignment, you will prepare a presentation designed to educate public policy makers about the incidence of victimization. Additionally, you will propose a victimization prevention plan. You can choose a specific population to base the presentation on (e.g., domestic violence or child abuse) or you can do a general incidence/prevention presentation. You can also use a prevention program already developed, but tailor it to a new location or population.
Your presentation should include:
Explanation of the incidence of victimization.
Discussion of the contributing factors to victimization.
Exploration of the current methods used to prevent victimization.
Explanation of your proposed prevention plan.
Recommendations for implementation of the prevention efforts.
Support your presentation with at least five references from peer-reviewed journals.
Length: 7-10 slides (with a separate reference slide)
Notes Length: 100–150 words for each slide


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