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SOLVED 10802

ARC 2461: Building FoundationsChoices:Select THREE (3) from the following list of topics:• Slope Support• Dewatering• Shallow Foundations• Deep Foundations• Retaining walls• Waterproofing and DrainageRequirements:

Research each topic and select a real-world example for each topic.Prepare a graphic and narrative (type-written) presentation that explains each ofyour three topics. Prepare 6 pages minimum.Provide information or examples of construction failures and subsequent remediesin each topic.Provide pictures and any other graphic images to enhance your presentation.Your project will also be presented in a Power Point format to the class.Include the project title, course name, date, & student name on front page of allpresentation materials.Include a Works Cited page at the conclusion of all presentation materials.Your project will be graded on:• quality of content – 50%• neatness and clarity of presentation -25%• creativity of presentation – 25%


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