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SOLVED 10800

Paper details
Due: Week 10 Points: 150
Skill Being Assessed: Communication
What to submit/deliverables: Webtext assignment templates compiled into one Word document
What is the value of doing this assignment?
Whether you realize it or not, we use persuasive communication every day for a variety of situations. With written communication, being able to effectively convince your readers to make
positive changes can mean the difference between progressive change and no change. By focusing on strategies for effecting change, you will be able to use your communication skill to
create opportunities for improvement and advancement in your life and career.
Your goal for this assignment is to: Develop persuasive writing that takes a coherent and appropriate stance on an issue for a specific audience.
Step 1: Complete the assignment templates in the webtext – Chapter 8.
Step 2: Complete the assignment templates in the webtext – Chapter 9.
Step 3: Complete the assignment templates in the webtext – Chapter 10.
Step 4: Download your completed assignment from the webtext.
● You must finish all assignment templates (Chapters 8–10) before you are able to download your completed assignment.
● Your assignment download from the webtext will be a Word document—available after you complete the last template for Assignment 3 in the webtext.
Step 5: Navigate to Blackboard (Week 10 – SUBMIT section), upload your Word document, and
submit your assignment.


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