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Discussion Board Topic:

In 2010, Arizona suspended Mexican American Studies and banned any books discussing Mexican American or Native American history and topics. They went as far as removing select books from classrooms (videos are no longer available on YouTube, but there were videos of Latinx and Native children crying after book removal). Last year, President Trump declared that diversity and anti-racist training were unamerican and issued a presidential order to ban such training and teachings. President Biden revoked this executive order in January, but many US states are now banning critical race theory. Furthermore, in a controversial move, The University of Chapel Hill in North Carolina just denied tenure to award-winning journalist Nikole Hannah-Jones who authored the “1619 Project” about slavery (which became controversial because it discussed slavery as the foundation of this country).
Discuss the current attempts at banning and censoring Critical Race Theory in the US. Write a paragraph in which you discuss your position about this controversial issue. Use one source and cite it according to the APA style (in-text citation only)
*Please refer to Dontavius Jones as Akoiju Jones
The story about states banning Critical Race Theory:


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