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SOLVED 10790

 1.  IntroductionIdentify the topic you chose. Why did you choose this topic?  2.  Discussion/ResearchProvide an in-depth topic discussion with supporting research (i.e. pathophysiology, topic explanation) Discuss the following as they pertain to your topic: Legal ramifications Ethical ramifications Religious considerations Social/cultural considerationsPolitical relevancePsychological implicationsPros/ConsDevelopmental concerns **Choose a minimum of 4 of these subjects to discuss.Address each of the chosen topics thoroughly, including supporting research.  3.  Conclusion – Summarize your findings.  4.  APA Formatting4 sources At least 1 maternal-child textbook At least 3 peer reviewed journalsAll sources published within the last 5 years) 6-10 pages, double spaced APA paper formatting throughout (i.e. Cover page, Reference Page, Headers, etc.) 


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