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SOLVED 10788

I have to choose a COE and a COS to analyze during this semester for my International Marketing assignment. What is your COS and your COE 06/15-06/20?
1. What is the name of your COS? What is the name of your COE?
2. List 2 business reasons for choosing your COS and your COE.
3. List 2 personal reasons for choosing your COS & your COE.
4. What is the country-of-origin of your COE?
5. What is the primary competitor of your COE?
6. References (APA)
Dear MKTG 4325,
What is your company of expertise (COE) and what is your country of specialty (COS)?
Each student will choose a COE and a COS to analyze during this semester. Please let us
know the name of your COE and the name of you COS in this DB.
Follow this thread by responding to this message. Do not create new threads. Research your
COS/COE and explain the reasoning for your choices.
Sections of this assignment (please write over my guidelines and keep the section numbers):
Additional guidelines:
It’s better to write over my guidelines. You must use the numbers in the guidelines (1-6). You
should use letters or bullets to start your points under these numbers.
Your COE should be B2C NOT B2B company.
It will be great if you choose a sporting company (e.g., Nike, Under Armour, Adidas, Puma, Dick’s, or Foot locker).
Sporting companies include: Sporting and Athletic Goods Manufacturing (NAICS: 339920; SIC: 3949). Sporting Goods Stores (NAICS: 451110; SIC: 5941). Sports Teams (NAICS: 71211; SIC: 7941); and All Other Amusement and Recreation Industries (NAICS: 713990 ; SIC: 7999).
Your COS and COE should be popular among students in the US. Please DO NOT try to find a unique company
that never been used by other students. This will make this assignment challenging and difficult.
You cannot use Netflix as your COE. You cannot use the USA or Taiwan as your COS.
COE can be an American company currently operating in a foreign country, or planning to enter a foreign country.
A foreign company currently operating in a foreign country or planning to enter a foreign country.
It is better to choose a COE that is not operating in your COS. Your COE country of origin and your COS must be
two different countries. This means your COE’s country of origin and your COS cannot be the same (e.g. you
cannot choose a German company as your COE and Germany as your COS (e.g., Adidas and Germany).
US cannot be used as your COS. You cannot choose a foreign company that is operating in, or planning to enter, or should enter the US market.


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