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SOLVED 10782

First pick something that you believe in. This could be about racial inequality in America, immigration, animal abuse, the American education system, vaccinations (COVID Vaccines), or any topic in which you can create a claim/thesis and take a stance. You will need to find three sources to support your claim/thesis with evidence. For example, your platform could be that you are against animal abuse. Potential thesis: “Animal abuse is a serious issue in America, and there needs to be a multi-step plan put in place to reduce or completely get rid of animal fighting, animal testing, and other forms of animal abuse.” Then you would find three sources that could help explain animal abuse and what needs to be done, or what is being done that needs to stop, to use as support and evidence.

You will need to come up with three creditable sources to synthesize information and provide evidence from. I want you to think of this like a public service announcement, a topic you want to take a stance on and defend. This could be on a number of topics/issues/causes, and is not limited to, but may include:

Animal Cruelty/AbuseChild Abuse/NeglectHomelessnessTreatment of Immigrants in the USPrison ReformPolice Brutality/ReformEnvironmental Issues (Water, Pollution, Climate Change)Woman Rights (Health care choices, equal pay, etc.)Racial InjusticeTreatment of POC in USLGBTQ+ issues/civil rightsOther causes near to your heart!

*Remember this is not about opinions or beliefs, but rather making a claim and defending it with legitimate evidence. I want you to be passionate, but I want evidence based facts!

Things to do:

Decide on a topic and make a claim/take a stance.Find three sources to use as support evidence.Begin the drafting process (intro, 3 body paragraphs, and a conclusion)Do multiple drafts on your own and with me.Create a works cited page for your sources.


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