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1. What is Raynaud’s disease? Please describe how one gets this disease, 3 symptoms that would indicate to a nurse that their client may have Raynaud’s disease.

2. What is intermittent claudication? What are the cardinal symptoms of this? (hint: does pain stop with walking, or stop with rest?) What is the treatment for intermittent claudication? list 1 med and 2-3 interventions used for this treatment / or interventions you can teach the client. 3. What comprises coagulation studies? What lab tests are included in coag studies? What are the normal reference ranges if a client is on say coumadin, or not on coumadin? (if being treated, the ranges change! include this in your answer)

4. What is a bounding pulse? What causes it. What increases the amplitude of pedal pulses? What makes pulses weak? 5. What are fibrinolytic agents? When are they used? How are they used? What is the time frames for being therapeutic? How do fibrinolytic agents differ from thrombolytics? or platelet aggregates?

6.What is rivaroxaban (xarelto)? When is it used? Why is it used? What nursing interventions and considerations would you watch for and teach to the client? 7. What is included in a baseline focused assessment for PVD? List in a table the symptoms for PVD vs. PAD.


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