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SOLVED 10739

Analyze current and emerging global health priorities.

1. Select your top global health priority/global threat, and explain why it was chosen. Examples can include the Ebola virus outbreak; the Zika virus and how it impacts birth defects; the threat of the Zika virus at international events, such as the Olympics; AIDS relief; etc. 2. Design a global evidence-based, context-specific intervention to meet internationally established health targets. 3. The intervention should discuss strategies that strengthen individual and community capabilities for overcoming barriers to health and well-being. 4. Evaluate policies and procedures for managing health partnerships that promote health equity and social justice for diverse populations. 4. Include thoughtful situational analyses across a range of cultural, economic, and health contexts in an effort to meet internationally established health targets. T

his project will involve background research, data acquisition, analysis, synthesis, writing, and creative presentation of a substantial research assignment at an advanced level. Your project should not be based in the United States. Must include introduction and conclusion paragraphs. Must use at least three scholarly sources. Be sure to integrate your research rather than simply inserting it


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