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SOLVED 10738

Part 1 Component Summary

Create and clearly identify ONE overarching goal that:

is applicable to current practice placement/workstudyis relevant to learning needs as a BScN studentreflects a theoretical framework, a verb, a focus of interest, and a target groupidentifies CNO practice document(s) relevant to the overarching goal and the FOUR objectives

Describe a theoretical perspective and the rationale for the chosen theory and how the theory will be integrated throughout the learning plan.

Review the competencies from the College of Nurses of Ontario (CNO) Conceptual Framework for Organizing Competencies (2018) Competencies for entry-level Registered Nurse practice and the course objectives. Reflect on your past experiences, learning, and career goals when selecting the competency categories and competencies related to your learning goal. Consider the competencies you will focus on to successfully complete the learning goal. You will identify TWO CNO Competency Categoriesand a minimum of THREE competencies for each of the two competency categories for your learning plan.

Identify TWO RNAOBPG Guidelines that will inform your learning plan. Implement THREE recommendations per RNAOBPG guideline and the individual points under each recommendation. How will the RNAOBPG guidelines and recommendations inform your overarching learning goal and objectives?

Develop FOUR objectives for your learning goal. Use the CNO SMART approach to craft specific, measurable objectives/steps to meet the goal. The four objectives will be informed by the nursing process: Objective 1 – Assessment; Objective 2 – Plan; Objective 3 – Implement; and Objective 4 – Evaluate (APIE).

Identify a minimum of TWO resources and timelines for each objective to assist in achieving your learning goal (e.g., databases, people, places, grey and white literature, and other resources you will access).

Identify a minimum of TWO indicators of achievement for each objective that will demonstrate how you have met the learning goal. Discuss these indicators of achievement in the final self-evaluation.

Review your Part 1 with your preceptor/mentor to ensure that the goals and related objectives can be achieved in the setting and that the suggested resources and timelines are realistic. The final version of the Part 1 is submitted WEEK 4 by 4 PM.


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