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SOLVED 10727

The aim of this projectis for you to be the historian and to analyze historical films inlight ofthe material we are learning in this, our History of Religion class.For this assignment you will choose a film that deals in some significant way with thematerial we have studied or will study in this class and watch it critically — as a historianwould.Your film mustfocus in a significant way on the history of religions –the focus ofthisclass.A list of films to choose from is given below. – im giving u the option to choose which filmyou wantto write aboutfor itto be easier for you from the list below.AFTER WATCHING THE FILM ANSWER THESE QUESTIONS AND MAKE SURE YOUANSWER IT IN THE PAPER IN THIS ORDER

(Use about 200 words, no more. I’ve seen the film!) Write a synopsis, orsummary, ofthe film, starting by giving the title ofthe film, when it was made,and who directed it. Make sure that your summary makes sense to a readerwho does not know the movie.(Use about 100 words) Where is the action setin the film (notthe literalaction — where it was shot– but where it pretends to be filmed)? When doesthe action take place in the film’s story? (presentthe time depicted asaccurately as you can: give us some brief context. This question is not askingwhen the film was made, but when the action ofthe film pretends to takeplace). Is the story chronological (according to the order of time) or does ithave flashbacks?(Use about 800 words) An important question: Given the material we’veexplored in our class (textbook, video, primary sources), how historicallyaccurate is the film in portraying the period its makers have tried to representor depict? “Very accurate” or “pretty accurate” is not enough and will earnyou a poor grade. Raise your game: Dissectthe film as an historian would andshow us its historical strengths and weaknesses. (Remember,the historicalaccuracy ofthe film is more important in this assignment than its entertainmentvalue.)(Use about 200 words) If you were the historical consultant of religion to thedirector ofthe film (name him or her), what of significance is missing from thisrepresentation ofthe past(the film)that should be mentioned to the director?Why should it be mentioned?


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