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SOLVED 10724

The term represents a culmination and demonstration of your writing skills, technical knowledge of grammar and citation, and your ability to research and write on a specific topic.  It is important that you pay close attention to each of these details throughout your research and writing process.  Carful planning, note taking, and source tracking will make writing the paper much easier and far more enjoyable.

General Format and Topic

The paper MUST be 6 pages in length, NOT counting the works cited page.  Additionally, photos, charts, graphs, etc. do not contribute to this page count.The topic “Electric vehicles”The paper must be typed / word processed and written in 12-point Times New Roman or Calibri font with double spaced lines.The paper’s margins MUST be 1” top and bottom, and 1.25” left and right.  There should NOT be any extra spaces between paragraphs or after titled points in the work.The format for the essay, including, ALL in-text and works cited citations MUST be in the currently accepted MLA format.


You MUST use a MINIMUM of FOUR different sources for your research.  Those sources can be books or scholarly / refereed articles from the databases available through the VCCS Library System.  Google searches do not typically yield sources suitable to academic writing; however, you may use one internet source outside of the books and databases, provided that it can be vetted for accuracy in the information that you find.


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