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SOLVED 10718

Analyze real world companies based on the requirements listed below from the point of view of an analyst/investor. Submit a written report to Canvas by Week 7 (Sunday 11pm).

Compare and evaluate Tesla and General Motors based on their financial statements. The financial statements of 2020 are available in Canvas. Use tables, charts or graphs to present numbers/ratios and provide your interpretation and analysis of the numbers. It is required that present financial information (numbers and ratios) for year 2020. You are encouraged to analyze firm performance based on multi-year information and trend.

Assess the size and growth aspects of each company based on the following financial statement related itemsSizetotal assets and total revenuemarket cap

Growthasset growth and revenue growthmarket to book ratioprice to earnings ratio (P/E ratio)

Use following ratios or financial statemen item to compare and analyze business performance.Profitabilitygross profit percentage (LO 5.6)return on assets (LO 1.6)return on common stockholders’ equity, earnings per share, and the price/earnings ratio (LO 13.7)

Solvencydebt ratio (LO 2.5)debt to equity (12.6)free cash flows

Liquiditycurrent ratio (LO 4.6)acid-test ratio (LO 8.5)

Operating Efficiencyinventory turnover, days’ sales in inventory (LO 6.6)accounts receivable turnover ratio, and days’ sales in receivables (LO 8.5)asset turnover ratio (LO 9.6)


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