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SOLVED 10716

INSTRUCTIONSReview the case study that is provided and complete the sections below with your assignedgroup members. Students should be able to apply knowledge of evidence-based psychotherapiesand psychotherapeutic treatment for psychiatric mental health disorders. The Case AnalysisEvaluation Assignment requires at least five references in current APA format and may includethe course textbook. Please see the Case Analysis Grading Rubric. Remember to useappropriate APA in-text citations and reference lists.● Health History/History of Present Illness: Identify the history questions you will obtain todiscriminate the characteristics of the presenting chief complaint (symptom).● Differential Diagnosis: Delineate four differential diagnoses that could support the chiefcomplaint and HPI. Include DSM-5 diagnostic code for each of the differential diagnosis.● Mental Status Examination: Delineate mental status exam findings associated with eachlisted differential diagnosis.● Etiology: Delineate the etiology of each of the four differential diagnoses. Includepsychosocial factors and past experiences that may be contributing to current symptoms.● Diagnostic Screening Tools: Delineate what diagnostic screening tools would beappropriate for each of the four differential diagnoses.● F. Analysis: Delineate your final assessment along with the rationale.● Treatment Plan: Delineate appropriate treatment plan which should includepharmacological, psychological therapeutic modalities and the focus, social interventions(support or self-help groups, mobilization of family resources, vocational rehabilitation,financial planning) and identification of strengths.


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